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Urban Gold: Seaweed Fortified Vermi Compost | Organic Manure

Urban Gold: Seaweed Fortified Vermi Compost | Organic Manure

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Product Description

🌱 Introducing Urban Gold: Seaweed Fortified Vermi Compost - the ultimate organic fertilizer that takes your yields to the next level. Crafted from natural ingredients, this powerhouse solution can boost your yields by up to 20%. It's a game-changer for sustainable gardening and farming, designed to enhance your soil and promote vibrant and thriving plants.

🌾 AVAILABLE IN VARIOUS SIZES: Urban Gold is available in a range of sizes, from 1 kg to 20 kg, ensuring that you have the perfect quantity to match your gardening or farming needs. Whether you're nurturing a small garden or managing a large agricultural operation, we've got the right package for you.

🌿 MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS: To achieve optimal results, we recommend a mix ratio of 1:1 with your existing soil or coco peat, combined with proper watering. This innovative product boasts impressive NPK values, and it also contains enriching calcium, zinc, and iron. These nutrients contribute to increased productivity and improved root health, all while strengthening your plants' natural defenses.

🌾 UNLEASH THE POWER OF ORGANIC GROWTH: Urban Gold: Seaweed Fortified Vermi Compost is the key to robust plant growth and increased yield potential. With the potential to elevate your yields by up to 20%, it's the organic boost your garden or farm has been waiting for.

Choose Urban Gold, and watch your plants flourish, your yields soar, and your soil become a thriving ecosystem for plant health. Experience the difference with the organic fertilizer that's seaweed fortified for exceptional results.

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