What does URBANKHETTI means ?

Urbankhetti is more than just a gardening destination; it's your urban farming companion. Derived from 'urban' and 'khetti' (meaning farming in Hindi), Urbankhetti is your go-to for premium plants, eco-friendly pots, organic fertilizers, and everything you need to cultivate a green haven in the heart of the city. Our mission is to empower urban dwellers to embrace sustainable living through the joy of gardening. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, Urbankhetti is here to make your green dreams flourish.


Our Mission

The quest for high-quality gardening supplies in urban environments sparked the birth of Urbankhetti. As a dedicated entity under Urbankhetti, we're on a mission to empower city dwellers in their gardening endeavors. Our team, led by enthusiastic agriculture experts, has meticulously developed a range of specialized products, all under the brand name "Urbankhetti". These products are designed to support, enrich, and nurture the green spaces that surround us in the urban landscape.

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Our Story

At Urbankhetti, our relentless pursuit is to craft products that cater to your every gardening need. We take immense pride in making them user-friendly and pragmatic, designed to simplify the art of gardening for you. Our vision is to foster sustainability on a micro-level by demystifying gardening, making it more accessible and efficient for our community. While the world makes strides towards a sustainable future, let's not forget that sustainability begins at home. Even in the bustling city, where space is a luxury, a home garden can thrive in your living room or on your kitchen balcony. These green sanctuaries improve indoor air quality and help cool the surroundings, right at your doorstep.

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Our Vision

At Urbankhetti, our mission is to transform gardening from a hobby into a cherished daily habit, a joy shared by every member of the family. We believe in the profound impact gardening has on not only the environment but also the well-being of those who tend to it. We're here to inspire the notion that nurturing your plants is akin to nurturing your own soul. With Urbankhetti, gardening becomes an art to be treasured like never before.

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