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Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)

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Product Description

The Jade Plant, with its thick, succulent leaves, is a resilient and attractive addition to indoor spaces. To care for this plant, use well-draining soil and water when the soil is dry. It's adaptable to various light conditions, thriving in both bright, indirect light and some direct sunlight.

What makes the Jade Plant beginner-friendly is its hardiness and low-maintenance requirements. It can withstand periods of neglect and is forgiving if you forget a watering session. The key is to avoid overwatering, as it's susceptible to root rot. Its compact size and slow growth make it suitable for small spaces, and it's an excellent choice for those looking to start their indoor plant collection. Overall, the Jade Plant brings a touch of nature to your home with minimal effort, making it a perfect choice for beginners seeking a resilient and aesthetically pleasing houseplant.

Taking care of your plants

Jade Plant thrives in well-draining soil. Allow the soil to dry between waterings. Place in bright, indirect light. Tolerates direct sunlight. Avoid overwatering to prevent root rot.


Provide bright, indirect light. Can tolerate some direct sunlight. Ideal for a south or west-facing window.

Not Pets Friendly

No, Jade Plant is toxic to pets. Keep it away from cats and dogs. This plant is not pet-friendly. Exercise caution to prevent ingestion by pets due to its toxicity, which can cause harm.

Beginner's Friendly

It's beginner-friendly. Jade Plant is hardy and requires minimal care, making it suitable for novice gardeners.

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